Lesson Details and Materials

The most effective communicators can convey an important message in both written and verbal mediums, as well as in both short and long forms. But make no mistake, doing so requires a combination of art and skill that can be developed through practice. Further, these skills are not independent of each other – improving your ability to articulate a succinct, precise written message will also improve your spoken-language skills. And, taking the time to learn to write a short, clear statement will help you craft a more organized, cogent, and longer statement about the same topic. In this session, we will share best practices and frameworks for – and practice – writing an elevator pitch describing your project. This session will last approximately 80 minutes.

Lesson Objectives – by the end of the session, the participants will:

  • Have improved their ability to concisely and accurately describe a problem in their community, delivered verbally and in writing
  • Understand the importance of consistent and precise communication
  • Demonstrate the ability to give and receive communication-related feedback
  • Understand the importance of clearly conveying the problem/ need, possible solutions, and actions that can be taken to make the solutions happen
  • Understand the relationship between the elevator pitch and the grant proposal

Lesson Resources:

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