$156,120,000 Solar for All Win

Led by Sol Alvarez-Taubin, Writing for Green worked closely with our client – The Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice (the Bullard Center) – to plan, design and submit a successful program proposal for the EPA’s Solar for All competition. With a massive grant award of over $156 million, in partnership with the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, the Bullard Center will deploy technical assistance and funding to historically Black colleges and universities and minority serving institutions, to develop residential-serving community solar and storage projects in low-income, majority BIPOC communities on the frontlines of grid vulnerability and energy justice challenges. Projects are expected to operate in 19 states across the United States South and Southeast (EPA Regions 3, 4, and 6), averting millions of tons of CO2, generating utility bill savings for thousands of households, mobilizing private capital for a just green transition, and driving local wealth-building through community ownership. Writing for Green looks forward to continuing to support the Bullard Center with implementation of its Solar for All program, and to continuing to assist frontline environmental justice organizations in building capacity to transform their communities. Congratulations to the Bullard Center and Clean Energy Fund of Texas on this monumental award!

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