$10 million Win to Build Capacity of EJ Groups

Writing for Green (WFG) played a vital role in securing a $10 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ). The grant, named the Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center (TCTAC), will allow the DSCEJ to serve as a regional hub, providing much-needed support to grassroots environmental justice organizations across the Deep South.

WFG’s contribution to the grant application was crucial, as a member of our team led the writing and development of the TCTAC proposal. The expertise of WFG in crafting compelling narratives and communicating complex environmental justice issues played a significant role in securing the funding.

Now that the grant has been awarded, WFG will continue to collaborate with the DSCEJ to ensure that the TCTAC program has a meaningful impact. WFG’s focus will be on supporting the DSCEJ as they build the capacity of grassroots organizations so they can do their work more effectively, and win additional grant funding. This will result in stronger environmental justice organizations capable of creating real change in their communities.

The successful partnership between WFG and the DSCEJ is a testament to the power of effective communication, and effective collaboration. In the past year alone, WFG principals have helped the DSCEJ to win $17 million in grant funding. The work of the DSCEJ serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in grassroots organizations and supporting those working to create a more just and sustainable world. We are thrilled to have been a part of this success.

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